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And our specialty is in R.C.C. Door Frames

rcc-door-frame-250x250Super quality door frames, Durable yet economical.

  • Saving trees
  • Termite and moisture free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Each of the Darshit’s R.C.C. door frame is build up of strong plastic virgin block. virgin block is made in every size and shape of pieces so that hinges and other hardware can be easily attached to it.
  • This virgin block are attached to strong iron rods. There are provision for attachment of hinges and other hardware to the Darshit’s Virgin Block door frames.
  • Virgin block can handle weight upto 150 kg.
  • Pay attention while attaching hinges to the RCC door framesconcrete-door-frame-500x500
    • Do not use hammer
    • While making hole,use small drill bit.
    • Drive the screw using screw driver.

Usually wood is very much used in our household and offices for making attractive furniture and door frames , its irresistible use can destroy our environment .

It is our responsibility to conserve our nature, this is only possible if we find alternative for wood.

Darshit’s RCC door frames are best and better options.


  • Good quality
  • Good strength
  • Protection from fire, termite and water
  • Prevention from moisture
  • Economical than woodcement-rcc-door-frame-250x250

Ready made Available Size (in mm):